I’ve never experienced working within the world of art and the surrounding culture before so my week with Flint was a completely new experience. The team was both incredibly professional and inspiring. I learnt a huge amount from seeing them at work and picked up skills and knowledge that will help me throughout this year and beyond.

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Week 23 – PR Account Executive – Flint PR

  • 06 June

Flint Public Relations Ltd is a cultural communications agency focusing on profile-raising, brand management and revenue generation. Founded in 2009 by Digby Halsby and Wol Balston, the agency directs integrated 360ยบ promotional campaigns that deliver comprehensive print, broadcast and digital media exposure whilst developing meaningful strategic alliances and brand affiliations for our clients. With Flint Asia based in Delhi, an office in Istanbul and an affiliate agency in New York, Flint Public Relations offers a truly international cultural communications service.

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