Now this was a fun week. I’ve never even pulled a pint before and never been behind a bar so I was learning from scratch. Hopefully the locals will agree that I pulled it off. I enjoyed the free snack each shift and the entire atmosphere was great. It picked up later in the week and I liked being tested and thrown into the deep end. Pub life is a hard life but a good life.

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Week 21 – Pub Landlord – The Barley Sheaf

  • 05 May

The Barley Sheaf in Church Street has a rich history as Liskeard's most bohemian pub and one of Cornwall's leading live music venues. The Barley's unique ambiance and off Parade location has made it popular with locals, musicians and students alike.

Since taking over as landlord of the Barley Sheaf in April 2005, seasoned entertainer Gary Swift, aka Swifty, has striven to enhance the live music experience and had great success.

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