The main website that you may have come in from, designed by Rilke. The logo, Rilke. Everything around here that works and is cool, Rilke. Everything else, me. If you need something amazing done within the world of graphic and web design, chose Rilke. I am amazed at their wizardry.

During this week I got to see and work on design from it’s very inception through to the finished article and also film in a print shop and see how the end product was created. Apart from having to get up at 4am on Monday, every part of this week was a real pleasure to be a part of.

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Week 20 – Graphic Designer – Rilke

  • 05 May

Quote I like from David at Rilke "There is this moment in the creative process where you see the vision that was in your mind start to take form outside of you, in your sketch book, during a brainstorm or on screen, and it's like a hydrogen bomb goes off in your chest. With all of this excitement and energy, I couldn't care less if it's 2am and I've already worked 18 hours straight, I'm hooked and this is my fix."

Check out their Favicon.

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