Now this place was large. It’s got about 32,000 students. My home town has only got about 8,500, so I was impressed by the scale of it all. With about 3,000 staff there was no way I’d be able to cram it all into one week so I just took in as much as possible. At the end of the week I was required to do a lecture of my own. I managed to grab myself an audience through the power of free cake and the feedback afterwards was that it went quite well. I even used powerpoint. Love those sounds effects!

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Week 19 – Uni Lecturer – Plymouth Uni

  • 05 May

Plymouth University is the largest university in the South West of England, with over 32,000 students and is 9th largest in the United Kingdom by total number of students (including the Open University). It has almost 3,000 staff making it one of the largest employers in the south west. The main campus is in the Devon city of Plymouth, but the university has campuses and affiliated colleges all over South West England.

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